Taco Bell is known for it's innovative Test Kitchen located at it's headquarters. This kitchen produces and tests over 50 items each year, sending 20-30 of those out into test markets across the country. With each new Experience comes new test items as well. Some of these test items are announced to the public, while many others happen more discreetly.

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Data provided from 2016-present day is based on both public and leaked information on test items. While the following statistics are fairly accurate, the actually data may vary.

  • The average amount of different items (may be in multiple locations) testing per month is two
  • The first Experience of each year (December-January/February) sees the most tests on average (3) vs the lowest testing month being the following Experience (January/February-March) ranging from 0-1 test.
  • 24% of tests in this time frame have been in the state of Ohio, the next highest being Tennessee and California at 11%
  • Of states with 5% or more of tests, Alabama (5.3% of tests) has the highest rate of an item going nationwide at 33%
  • Of states with 5% or more of tests, North Carolina (7.1% of tests) has the lowest rate of an item going nationwide at 0%
  • In the given time period 29% of all items that test go Nationwide
  • 15% of items have tested multiple times and multiple tests have a 43% rate of going nationwide
  • The average month-to-nationwide time frame is 9 months, ranging from 3-21 months
  • The average months between items repeating a nationwide release is 16 months, ranging from 4-74 months


Year # of Test Items # of Those that have gone Nationwide (so far)
2016 22 10
2017 27 7
2018 31 5
2019 24 6
2020 10 4
2021 22 7
2022 21 0
2023 TBD TBD